New Book Covering Service


Ryco Book Protection now offer a complete covering service, that allows school and library staff more time for everything else. The Ryco Covering service also includes Corner Rounding, to prevent tears and bent pages.

The AutoCover covering machine applies the protective covers, then our professionally trained staff n trim the covers down to the perfect size and prepare the books for shipping. Protecting School Rental Books will reduce the likelihood of damage, and reduce the cost of replacement books. Let the experts cover your books to Professional “Shelf-Ready” Standards.

  • Significant savings to parents and pupils
  • Books available from the beginning of the year.
  • Rental books shared by a large number of pupils, benefiting everyone.

Rate Card:

Minimum Book Quantity Book Height (mm) Covering (per book) TUFF COVERS Covering (per book) RHINO COVERS Corner Rounding
200 – 1000 150mm – 330mm €1.25 €1.45 included
1000+ 100mm €1.00 €1.20 included




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